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Cockfighting is a global, multi-million dollar industry that generates massive gaming revenue. With Cockpit Gaming, opportunities are unlimited thanks to its 24/7 Livestream events wherein bettors can get action on over 300 fights per day.

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Millions of Users Worldwide

With millions of users spread across the globe, Cockpit Gaming is a guaranteed investment that can bring in huge profits in no-time.

24/7 Livestream Events

We bring you non-stop and exciting live coverage of cockfighting events.

Worldwide Partners

Cockpit Gaming has hundreds of local and international arena partners. Players and operators will never run out of exciting games to play on.

Up-to date reports

Gain real-time insights with our data-driven analytics report, system updates, and more.


Compared with other traditional betting schemes made on football games and horse races, Cockpit Gaming enables you to earn as much as $10,000 per 100 fights a day.

Safe and Secure

Our software is compliant with each countries’ data and privacy laws. We treat each customer’s data with utmost confidentiality.

Introducing: Cock-Boxing

The Very First NON-LETHAL Online Cockfighting Game

Experience The New Electronic Combat Sport in Cockfighting

Want to generate revenue on the latest non-lethal cockfights? Cockpit gaming is here to help you deploy “Cock-Boxing” to your online community worldwide!

What is Cock-Boxing?

Cock-boxing is the first of its kind in the world. A bloodless alternative to traditional cockfighting where roosters are outfitted with High-Tech sensored gloves and vests to determine the winner and to keep the roosters safe from internal injuries.

How does it work?

Our very own sensored gloves measure the force of impact in newton units. In each round, the first rooster to register 3 newtons of force (cumulatively or with a single strike) wins the round. The winner of two rounds wins the bout. 

Why Non-Lethal Cock fight?

it’s innovative, ground-breaking, the first of its kind, and can be streamed anywhere in the world via an app that only needs an internet connection.

Make Money Seamlessly With Your Own Custom Betting Station

Our very own platform can be installed in several ways just like any internet cafe. This means you can customize your betting stations however you want. You only need an internet connection to get it operational!

Fully Customizable

You can customize your betting stations according to your needs. From language to currency and aesthetics to match your business.

Cock-Boxing Live!

Provide your players with over 300 LIVE FIGHTS per day! NO downtime, NO interruptions, NO worries!

Easy Set-Up

Our online gaming platform was built with the operators and business owners in mind. Setting one up will only take less than an hour!

A Huge, Profit-Oriented Market

Users in French African Countries
Users in Latin America
Users in Southeast Asia
Users in the Philippines

We have been at the forefront in the online gaming industry, and you can be part of our high-earning and successful roster of operators today. Take the first step and start your journey with us. 

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We’re confident that our 25 years of combined experience and as one of the main exhibitors in Gaming trade shows in London, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica will help operators dominate the cockfighting industry through our unrivaled online betting platform.